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link to word

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008



 Now you may refer meaning of a word very easily.

eg: മലയാളം, cat

Search Plug-in

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Now you may find the meaning of a word right from your browser.

This is an open standard search plug-in and will work fine with FireFox and Internet Explorer 7+.

1. Steps to install the plug-in.

Step 1: Click on “Search Plug-in” Link, select the check box and Click on “Add” button


Step 2: You can see it on your tool bar like this…


Step3: Now the plug-in is ready to use.

You may type any word  in the search box and click on Find icon.

2. Advantage of Search Plug-in

+ It is always ON in your browser.

+ you may right click on the word and search like this…


It will work fine with Malayalam words too


3. How to use other search plug-in

Click the pull down list menu like in this picture and select the search plug-in you want.


4. How to remove Mashithantu Search Plug-in

Look at above picture and click on “Manage Search Engines” .

And select the search plug-in you want ; click on “remove” button.