Double click and get the meaning

Adding a new feature to Nighantu(beta4).

You may double click on any Malayalam or English words on nighantu page to get its meaning.

Simple and fast… isn’t it?


  • Kasina

    I like this. first i searched for a malayalam dictionary site but i didn’t get .But now i got this site .This is very helpful to me. Thank you so much for this.Iam very thankful to you.

  • MKT

    English to Malayalam: You get a malayalam translation, but I would like to have an English transliteration of the translated word so that those who can’t read malayalam can speak that word.

  • http://Nil Rafeeq

    I like your features. mostly your Manglish. but many time i looked for a word in Manglish (like Kumkumam) i didnt find. So i suggest you to make a feature for if search a word in Manglish give a Alphabets in order like (Ka, kaa, Ku, Koo, Ki, Kee etc.).

    with regards,


  • Mujeeb Rahman Yousef

    Hi, Guys
    This is great works you did it, this is dedication to the all the malayalies include abroad studied mallus they cant write and pronounce well, I appreciate all the crews behind this web site. I hope you can create (Google translate method) Malayalam full words meaning web site, so they can copy and paste to get full words translation, this way people can use full extended use of E-books, tutorials about new software’s, articles, in any language.
    This will help keralites to get extra knowledge power on all world.

  • Preetha

    Hey… really great. Good work guys…

    Make the front page little more attractive with catching captions.

    Nothing to say… simply excellent!!!

  • Jacob Mathew

    It is a very useful and creative work done.

    we appreciate all your future works and the blessings of a enlighted future.

    Jacob kadampanad from United states

  • http://yahoo nesna

    hi,its really great.well done. plsmake the front page attractive,keep it up

  • http://yahoo nesna

    hi guys its really great.pls make attractive.keep it up………………………….

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  • I.V.


    This is really helpful. If you can add a thesauraus also, it will be pretty handy.


  • Ranjit John

    HI Friend,
    Double clicking the word to get a meaning is really good. Iam suppose to send a mail separately regarding the same.

  • Shan

    Good Work!!

  • kdp

    kolappan thanneyaa

  • Jayakrishnan

    Kindly add the option to know the opposite word and its meaning.

  • Nadeer Madampat

    fantastic site. please do QA . it’s really fantastic.also please make a little more attractive

  • Leslie

    The site does not support IE. It will be great if that can be done. Also there are minor bugs in the functionality…But its a fantastic initiative.

  • ambachu at

    adisthana vidyabyasavum akshrajnanvum illatha enna polullavarku ee site valare upagaramayi…. entammoo enthoru budhi… kalakki kalakki.. iniyum kalakkanam,, ennittu vanam kalakkavellathil meen pidikkan…. sitil kanda oru valiya karyam.. no pop up no adds.. shukranz (thanks) da….

  • bashir


  • Dinesh Valke

    On “Add Word” page, I wish there be a text area field, wherein I can put some comment associated with the word that I add.

    For instance, it could be the references that I could put, which will perhaps help in approving/researching process.


    “Double-clicking” on a resulting word is working very fine … I was wondering whether this facility could be achieved by “mouse over”.

    In a situation where I get many words (more than 5) in result, hitting “Previous” button increases the more I am not satisfied with meanings.

    With “mouseover”, I imagine when I get mouse over a resulting word, I get to see the meaning in a kind of tooltip (with a difference that it stays until I move mouse away).

    Thanks for your herculean efforts, regards and best wishes,

  • http://na Rachana

    Sir I am a contributor for . I would like to know whether this project under opensource policies. Especially the scripts for displaying keyboard are copyrighted or not. I would like to include an article in next issue

    Rachel Anaks

  • Arun

    The english word for “എക്കിട്ടം” has been given as “Yex”, which is incorrect. Please provide “hiccup”.

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  • Sunil

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  • anoop

    hi ady polly

  • ANIL

    excellent and useful especialy at workplace…. thanks

  • Asharudheen

    The Web Site “Very Very Good”

  • Kiran Bapna

    We are interested to use Malayalam-English dictionary. Please write back to us.

    Many Thanks,
    Google India

  • navas mohammad

    this site is very attchment in my self…i am sure u wach this site u can clear ur meaning problum…..thanks for mashitannnnnnnnn…….

  • navas mohammad

    This site is very attchment in my self…i am sure u wach this site u can clear ur meaning problum…..thanks for ………………..

  • navas mohammad

    This site is very attchment in my self…i am sure u wach this site u can clear ur meaning problum…..thanks for ………………..


  • Mohd Shihab

    Its very good and need practicing

  • arun

    very useful….keep it…. don’t delete this website.

  • Subeesh K Balan

    It is a very useful and creative work done!

  • sumesh

    great work yaar. hatsoff to you.

  • Abdul Latheef

    valarey valarey upakarapratham. Nandi, Nandim Nandi… Veronnum Parayaanilla.

  • sreekala

    I want smiler meaning

  • Noushad Ali

    There are too much words both in English and Malayalam are not available in this dictionary.

    Noushad Ali

  • http://yahoo biju

    i wand to see some words meaning

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    it is very useful

  • Krishnakumar

    മഷിത്തണ്ട്- That name itself catching to a real malayalee bec’s its a nostalgic symbol to recollect the good old memories.
    Its a very good attempt and also a gracious contribution to Malayalam Language. Pls we all can contribute and enrich this with lacs & crores of words so that only this online dictionary will be resourceful. I salute you all those who behind this nice attempt.

  • http://nil MN Gopi jul 10 at 20.24 pm

    my friend, it is an excellent job u hav done which contribute a large help for the malayalis, there is no doubt at all. personalities like u are the shining star of nature, thanks.

  • http://nil MN Gopi jul 10 at 20.24 pm

    ok thanks pls

  • niju


  • shan

    i need to know the meaning of Muhammed Shan can you send me the detail information on my email

  • syrus

    prenayam oru sathyamane

  • syrus

    പ്രണയം ഒരു സത്യമാണ് നീ അരെ സ്നേഹികുനുവേ അവള്‍

  • aruns

    Can anyone help me on how do i get the “Paryaayam” of a particular malayalam word.



    she must have born not earlier than 02.08.1986 and not later than 01.08.1995

  • shanavaskattakada

    very very good

  • bob

    What does this mean. nee oru mandabuttiya

  • Lathif

    അങ്ങിനെ വടകരയിലും ഷോപ്പിങ്ങ് മാള്‍ വരുന്നു..

    വടകര എടോടിയിലും അടക്കാത്തെരുവിലും ആണ് Western International Group (ജീപാസ് ഗ്രൂപ്പ്‌ ) നെത്രിത്വത്തിലുള്ള നെസ്ടോ സ്പേസ് ഹോള്‍ഡിങ്ങ്സിന്റെ Nesto Galleria (അടക്കാത്തെരു), Nesto Grandsquare Mall (എടോടി) എന്നീ രണ്ടു ഷോപ്പിങ്ങ് മാളുകള്‍ വരുന്നത്

  • Mohamed Rashid ,P,C


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  • Muhammed Ibnu Abdullatheef

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  • joben

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  • Lahenshah

    Jagaranam means

  • சங்கர் சிவா

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