dictionary help

1. Not able to see Malayalam properly!

Configure the Malayalam font and your web browser IE/Firefox. Go through “Configure font” section for more details. FireFox 2 or older version may not work properly for some Malayalam letter like Chillu

2. Don’t know how to start.

Type Manglish words in the first textbox provided at right top.
Click “Manglish Keyboard” to know Manglish Key combinations.

The suggestion box gives you the current matching words as you type. Then click “Find Meaning” button to get the meaning of the word, if you want.

3. Where to get help regarding the Manglish key combination?

Click on Manglish Keyboard link shown just above to the input box.

4. The dictionary provides searches in two modes

a. Malayalam to English
b. English to Malayalam.

Choose the mode by selecting the radio button shown at the top middle of the page.

5. Google Search button

You may search a Malayalam word in Google using this button.

6. Why suggestions box.

a. To display matching words as soon as you type.
b. To display meaning for the word (click “Find Meaning” to initiate).
c. To display comments (Click Show comments to initiate).

7. What do the << Prev and Next >> buttons do?

The Back button in the browser doesnt display the previous dictionary searches as the methods are dynamically loaded.

The << Prev button takes you to the previous results of your dictionary search.
Notice the change in the button text name from Next>> to Show Next>> while pressing Show Comments. It enables you to see the next comments, if any.

8. Post Comments

You may use Post Comments to send your Comments and show Comments to see other comments.
Preview button gives an option to see your comments before its published.

9. Are you not satisfied with the results?

Press No button next to the question Are you satisfied with the result? and add your feedback in the pop-up input place.