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Tips and Tricks
1. You can check score (and incorrect entries) after sometime. So keep filling your answers.

2. You can use short cut keys like
Ctrl+Shift+S - Save My Answers
Ctrl+Shift+M - Show Mark / Score Card

3. You may use Google search and find your answers

4. copy the whole clue or a part of clue to google or to an online dictionary and search it. you might hit the answers directly or indirectly.

5. Discuss the crossword with your family members and friends to get answers. Do not discuss it with a person who is participating in the competition. System will set you both as duplicate entries, fraud player :-(. it may result in cancelling your prize, if any. But you may discuss it with anyone else.

Some Competition Tricks.
1. if the clues look tough for you? it would be tough for others also.

2. if site is busy? and if you can't play? think..the same situation to other players also. try after 3 minutes.

3. The system will show correct answers after sometime indicated by the score button. so try filling all cells. you may not know how close you are. winners never stops trying different words/letters.

4. patience is the first key to win any competition. keep your head cool.

5. An Average Person will take 2-3 days to complete a newspaper crossword. So don't worry, if you couldn't finish it in 6 hours.

Why you are playing a crossword

1. it is a mind game. you have to choose right word at right place. It will increase the potential of your brain

2. it improves your vocabulary.

3. it is fun and relaxing. They're a sort of hobby, a pleasant diversion.

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